Legal aid coverage via insurance is not the same as free legal aid where the expenses are covered by the public sector, but on the other hand part of the insurance you have taken out as a private individual.

Legal aid coverage is part of the usual property insurances, such as:

hus/fritidsboligforsikring – house / holiday home insurance
innboforsikring – home contents insurance
bil/båtforsikring – car / boat insurance
reiseforsikring – travel insurance
landbruksforsikring – agricultural insurance
byggeforsikring – construction insurance

For specific property insurances such as house / holiday home insurance and car / boat insurance, only disputes concerning the insured properties or vehicles are covered. When it comes to legal aid under contents insurance, disputes as a private person are covered. This could be a dispute as a result of personal injuries, purchase disputes, disputes about leases, disputes about fulfillment of contracts, etc.

The starting point for obtaining coverage under a legal aid insurance is that a dispute must have arisen. A dispute arises when a claim that has been made is disputed, in whole or in part. There is no requirement for writing, oral refusal also entails a dispute. In the event of prolonged inaction, a dispute may also be considered to have arisen.

The most common exceptions that legal aid coverage is not covered by are, for example, inheritance and family disputes, as well as disputes concerning occupation / acquisition.

When a dispute has arisen and a lawyer has been contacted, you have a period of one year to report the claim under the legal aid insurance. If you use a lawyer before a dispute arises, the one-year deadline is calculated from the time of the dispute, but if a dispute arises before you go to a lawyer, the reporting deadline from the lawyer is sought. If you exceed this deadline, the insurance company will refuse coverage under the insurance.

The amount of compensation varies somewhat in the different insurance companies, but is usually 80,000 or 100,000. The amount of compensation is nevertheless limited to what the dispute is worth to the insured, ie if the dispute concerns a claim for a price reduction of NOK 50,000, the payments from the insurance company are also limited to NOK 50,000.

The deductible under the legal aid insurance is distributed with a fixed sum, normally NOK 3,000 or NOK 4,000, in addition to the fact that you have to pay 20% of the excess. There is no deductible for occupational injury cases.